The Guarantees Behind "Exceptional Landlord and Tenant Experience"

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Lease Guarantee

4M Property Management is confident in the leasing process. On occasion due to job transfers, and various other events the original lease term is unable to be fulfilled by the Tenant. With the Lease Guarantee if a Tenant does not fulfill a minimum of 100% of their lease obligation 4M will work to secure a new resident at no additional charge to you. No new tenant leasing fees will be charged! The lease guarantee does not apply to leases that must be terminated due to military orders and only for Tenants that have been placed by 4M Property Management.

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Pet Damage Guarantee

4M Property Management understands that pet friendly homes appeal to a broader audience and help with reducing vacancy. Almost as many as 2 out of 3 rental homes have at least 1 pet within the home. 4M's pet guarantee provides an additional $1,000 over the security deposit towards pet damages when an approved pet damages the property. All approved pets are required to be screened by a national third-party agency, approved, and added to the lease. This guarantee does not extend to ESAs, service animals or for any pets that have not been approved and added to the lease.

Pet Guarantee Logo

Communication Guarantee

4M Property Management understands that communication is key in managing property. In fact we believe in communication so much that our first core value is "responsiveness." 4M Property Management guarantees that all calls and/or emails will be responded to within 24 hrs. or 1 business day. We value your business!